Also known as Milumbe Haimbe, I am a visual artist and a storyteller. I explore stories that you probably don’t get to see much of in mainstream media. You can call me the alternate storyteller.

The System is insidious because it can be anything. What is The System holding you back? I don’t know what systems are at play in your reality. But whatever they are, they are not inescapable. I know. I grew up in a very polite society. My ideas were too contrary for it. So I censored myself. I misrepresented myself. I was a phony for far too long. That is the system that imprisoned me. I am making my great escape – right here, right now. Through my creative universe I am taking the blinders and muzzle off, and brazenly embracing my true nature as the Alternate Storyteller. Maybe by embarking on my journey of truth – destination unknown – I may inspire you too to seek your own truth and embrace your power. You are not alone.

Roll with me. Forged in Fire and Ice